08/14/2009 – Nicole and Mike’s Esession

This was yet another E-session plagued by rain and delayed 3 times over. The weather finally cooperated with our plans today and it turned out to be beautiful! Nicole & Mike are a great couple who I have known for years.  They were a blast to work with, and it was fun to spend some time together in Central Park.

The day was hot. So, we sought the shade and made sure to stay there as long as possible. Thankfully, Central Park is littered with trees so we took full advantage of their shelter. They made for great pictures too. From the trees we ventured to the infamous Bethesda Fountain Tunnel to continue our mission to capture the essence of Nicole & Mike. :) Besides the creepy street performers, this was a fun little place to take some nice pictures.

Before we called it a day, we visited their apartment and snuck out onto the roof to take advantage of the great NY skylines. With their wedding less than a year away now, I can say we are definitely very excited to shoot their wedding!


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