Mike & Heidi’s beautiful children- 11/14/09

Let me just start off by saying that it is great to be shooting again. With all the hustle and bussle of getting married over the past few weeks I haven’t really touched my camera at all and it was an absolute delight to get back in the swing of things by photographing Mike & Heidi’s three beautiful children!

Danielle and I had an early morning wake up that I almost snoozed through, but thankfully my wife (it’s just cool to say that now) made sure that didn’t happen. I grabbed my gear, she grabbed some snacks, and we embarked on our journey to Philly at 6:15 am. The trip was a breeze. We made it down to Danielle’s sister’s house in less than two hours. We stopped in, said hello, and jumped in the car again to head to the park.

We met up with Mike, Heidi, Keira, Colin and Caleigh and let the kids do what they do best: PLAY. A cute wooden train was the big attraction for them and they did a fabulous job looking natural for the camera. In a few of the shots I actually squeezed into the train cars to keep up with the high energy that Keira & Colin have. Needless to say I have long out grown the days of playing in playgrounds and jungle gyms. Once the kids got used to me taking their photographs Mike, Heidi, the kids and I took a short walk to the park HQ and let the kids relax on some benches for a little. With the aid of some M&Ms they relaxed and let me capture a few more candids of them. In the short amount of time I had to take the photos it was an absolute blast for me and I hope the results show it too.

And here is a sneak peak at the pictures I took shortly after of my nephew Ben! I’ll have a separate blog post for this later on in the week.

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