Benjamin Hoelzle: One year later- 11/14/09

For those of you who are faithful Reflections Photography blog followers you may remember this handsome little boy from a year ago. Well now he’s all grown up, literally. He is in the 99th percentile for height amongst all babies in his age group, which for the lay person means he is tall little boy. He’s also since acquired a ton of nick names: Moose, Benja-moose, Butter, Heinie, Butter-Heinie and the list goes on.

This was the second shoot of the day for me (the first you can see right below this post) and it was a blast yet again. We started off at the house just rockin’ out on a cool little dog rocking chair, and by we I obviously mean Ben because I would break it within seconds of sitting on it. I got mom & dad to step in for a few pics and then we went out for a little walk to the park across the street. A few tosses in the air by daddy and some fun on the jungle gym wrapped up an awesome day for us.

And I’d just like to take a quick moment to thank my wife for being a lovely assistant for the day because she made my job so much easier for me. <3

And just to refresh all your memories of what the handsome Benjamin looked like one short year ago:

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