07/12/08 – Jamie & Jared

What a great day. I had the privilege of shooting with one of my favorite photographers, Jamie Wexler. I had a blast watching him work and picking his brain for any little tips I could get from him. To say the very least I was pumped to shoot with him.

The day began with a trip to the bride’s parents home where we met Jamie (the bride) and her family. When we arrived Jamie had her hands full of her sisters hair, her sister had hers hands full with an oversized rubix cube (that she finished) and the rest of the house was in a typical state of pre-wedding buzz. From their home we quickly ran over to the Faith Evangelical Church where the ceremony was held.

The church was packed with many guests and the service was great. Both Jamie and Jared’s father’s are ministers and they teamed up to conduct the ceremony. After everyone was finished greeting the newlyweds they all met downstairs to enjoy some food and wedding cake. From there we took Jamie and Jared outside and had some time alone with them.

Next stop was the Holiday Inn in Boxboro, MA. Here is where everyone relaxed and enjoyed the wonderful food, company and contra dancing. Overall the day was a fantastic experience.

Jamie getting ready

Church ceremony

BG ceremony

Jamie outside

Jamie's ring chest

Jared by garage

swinging kiss

first dance

ring shot

phone booth


ps- A big Thank You to Jamie Wexler for allowing me to assist him.

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