Dani’s Hand-made Birthday Card – 10/22/08

I’ll give you the background to what inspired me to do this. Basically every birthday I have had since Dani and I have been together she has hand-made birthday cards for me. She would cut out paper, stickers, even write me a poem. And anytime she had a birthday I just went out and bought a card for her. :(

Well this time things are different!!! So i had the bright idea of making Danielle her very own birthday card from scratch. Here’s the basis for my card: For every date that she and I have gone on together (e.g. movies, baseball games, etc.) she has kept the ticket or something that was left to remind her about it. So my idea was to take as many pieces from her box of goodies and create a collage like card for her.

And I did just that. With the help of her mom stealthily mailing me the box of goodies without Danielle knowing, I scanned each piece and printed them out. Glued them onto cardboard to make them sturdy, applied a self adhesive laminate to make sure they stay safe, and cut them out.


Here is the pile of pieces

pile of pieces


Next thing I did was cut some FedEx express boxes (YAY free boxes) to the size of the white card stock I had. Then I glued the white card stock onto both sides of the fedex box cutouts.




Here is an idea of what the card is gonna look like…




For the binding I rigged some double sided tape and medical tape to the cardboard. Super low budget I know, but she’ll know it came from the heart <3




So now with my trusty elmers craft bond glue stick I started gluing the pieces onto the card



And Viola! A hand made birthday card for my love!




Her birthday is this Friday Oct 24th. I’m very excited to see her and her reaction to my card.

Unfortunately you can’t see what I wrote in the card. That’s between me and Dani! ;)








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