Over the river and down the road – 10/26/08

Alright, so maybe not over any river but certainly down the road a bit. 

Today Danielle and I had the awesome opportunity to have our engagement photographs taken by one of my favorite photographers, Jamie Wexler. I snapped just a few quicks pics while driving down there (safely of course). I was blind firing the whole time really because i had to keep my eyes on the road. It was tough but fun.

Check some of my pre-engagement shoot photos and then at the end click the link to see the photos Jamie took of me and Dani! :D

My beautiful Fiance as we left her home <3

dani girl


And the little note she left for me so I’d remember the address of Jamie’s place



What a beautiful day for an Eshoot! 62 degrees! Woot!



Yours truly :D (safely shooting while driving using the self timer)



Almost There!

5 miles


And we’re HERE! :D

Jamies place


Check out Jamie’s pics HERE




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