Benjamin Matthew (what a hunk!) – 11/1/08

This past Monday at 7pm Danielle’s sister gave birth to her first baby, Benjamin Matthew. Well today I was able to meet my new nephew (even though I’m not officially part of the family for another year I’ve still been awarded the awesome title of “Uncle Brian”) for the very first time and it is only right that he gets some pictures taken of him!


This young man is adorable. Let’s just leave it at that. I’m so excited for Barbie & Matt and am very thankful that everything has gone so well with the pregnancy and birth. From the short time I spent with them today I am so sure that Ben will grow up to be a wonderful young man because of the way his parents nurture and love him.


On to the photos of Ben-JAMIN! :D


Some cute clothes he’ll be wearing when he wants to pick up some ladies ;)



His humble little abode



His cute little shoes



With Mommy



Mommy & Daddy



Just relaxin’



His little feet



Hey there



Complete peace in Mommy’s arms






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