Colorado Ski Trip – 01/05/09

Just got back today from an awesome ski trip in Keystone, Colorado. With elven of us in total it was bound to be a good time. We met up with my brother who flew in from Florida and headed to “dollar” rental car. I use those quotation marks because the cost of an upgrade was so far from a dollar. Lets just say to upgrade both cars to a bigger SUV would have cost more than the whole trip did all together PER DAY!! So we politely declined and jammed all our luggage into a jeep and H3 hummer.


Joe trying his hardest to get the trunk closed.



We were successful in getting the luggage in the cars and began our journey to Keystone. The drive was really fun going through the winding mountain roads.



We relaxed for the rest of the afternoon and prepared for the big first day of skiing the following day. We did a few runs before I took out the camera on the lift and started taking some pics of my brother, who has become my favorite model. He’s always willing to be the subject of my shots. :D My hands were getting numb when taking these shots on the lift and I forgot to attach my neck strap which made me anxious about dropping the camera.




This one was a tough shot to get because I had to turn around on the lift. I just twisted my torso around and hung over the back of the chair. I gave my self a pretty nasty back cramp performing this move :(

–from left to right: Conor, Katie, Brittney, Joe–


Joe ready for another run after rehydrating! 



On our last run we took our time going down so I could take some more shots. 


Here’s me from the eye’s of Chris.



And chris from my perspective

chris floor


These are my favorites from the whole day.












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