Long Island 5k | Team Land Whales – 05/02/09

Today was an exciting day. A group of us got together and participating in the Long Island 5k race and raised over $10,000 for the benefit of three families who recently lost loved ones. It was great to be there for all those who ran and cheer them on.  As in the past at other events similar to this I happily bowed out of participating to head up the photo-taking for the day.


Here are the T-shirts I had made for all the participants and friends who were there to support the runners. I designed the logo myself and came up with the acronym with the help of my brother. L.A.N.D  W.H.A.L.E.S = Large Athletes in Need of Defibrillation We Have A Little Emergency…Seriously  


Here is the winner of the race. He was a 20 year old who finished in 17+ mins

This guy was amazing. They announced at the beginning of the race that he finished the IRON MAN @ Lake Placid last year. I also heard that during the race his leg had fallen off, went back, got it and still finished in 2nd place.


Chris likes to finish races like these at full speed. Needless to say it is hysterical seeing him run to the finish.

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