The Heat, Kasteel, and the Site

I’ve been busy on the home front lately with the kitchen renovations. Things have been going well here as far as getting projects done and our photography business. This week we booked two weddings for next year which is very exciting.

We also had an e-shoot in Central Park NY with Nicole and Michael. It was quite hot out for the day of the shoot but at least it wasn’t raining. It went well and the pictures will be up soon.

I’ve also managed to create a facebook page and a twitter account. I honestly have no idea how any of this stuff works but hopefully it’ll keep everyone up to date on the happenings around here. Well, on to today…Since it was scorching out I took it easy. I worked on our site(mainly the galleries) and got some actions done for our future blog posts and facebook update things. This evening I managed to enjoy a bottle of Kasteel Donker from Germany while working on the site.



By the end of this week We’ll have Cameron and Tom’s Wedding pictures up along with Nicole and Mike’s E-shoot.


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