04/26/2008 – World of Birds and Chester, NJ

Yesterday turned out to be a beautiful day although it was a little cold. So instead of sitting around Kristen and I decided to head out to Chester, New Jersey to take a nice walk around their Main Street. Full of little antique shops, craft stores and other assorted vendors it’s a nice place to kill a few hours on a great day like it was. On our walk around she introduced me to a little bird shop named World of Birds. Even though the store was small they had a ton of great stuff in there. The best of which was a pen right in the middle of the store where a few birds hung out with no fence. It was amazing that they just didn’t fly away. I managed to snap a few good pictures without a flash even though the lighting wasn’t the best.

Word of Birds

World of Birds

World of Birds

World of Birds

If you get a chance and you’re in the area stop on by it’s definitely worth a visit to see all of them. As we finished our trip I managed to grab two more images. This first one is of a bird I can definitely relate to.

Ducky Duck

And of course we can’t forget about The Chester Volunteer Fire Department.

Chester Fire Department


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