Justine & Dan’s E-shoot! | Reflections Photography- Seaside Heights, NJ

Happy first  day of summer everyone!  Our most recent e-shoot took place somewhere that has gained a somewhat tarnished reputation in the past year, the Jersey Shore.  We’ve done e-shoots there in the past, but during the middle of winter when the place is deserted.  Most recently we experienced Seaside Heights with some great company: Justine and Dan, our betrothed couple, and a fellow wedding photographer, Jamison Wexler.  Underneath the boardwalk was the perfect place to avoid the crowds and grab some intimate pictures.  Kudos to Justine and Dan for risking getting wet for these pictures!  Later on we had a great time in the hustle and bustle of the boardwalk, rides, and games that have become a tradition for Justine and Dan.  Watching them play skee-ball (their favorite!) was a great opportunity to see the couple get silly and enjoy each other.  Congratulations Justine and Dan!

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Jen & Scott’s Newlywed Session! | Reflections Photography- Jersey City, NJ/Bronx, NY

Jen and Scott are a really adventurous couple, so we were pretty stoked to have a post-wedding shoot with them.  Scott happens to be really into urban photography, and had the perfect place in mind to capture their newlywed glow.  We started in Jersey City, and moved over to a metal scrap yard in the Bronx.  The gritty textures and metro landscapes were right up our alley (pun intended)-   a great spot to capture all of the emotions and beauty of a fantastic couple. Congratulations Jen and Scott!

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Jen & Scott’s Wedding! | Reflections Photography- Hudson River

Ahoy there readers!  Jen and Scott had a distinctly memorable wedding day on a beautiful boat on the Hudson River.  The day began with Armin van Buren’s music setting the mood at the hotel- a relaxed morning of primping and last minute details.   The boat was just a quick walk from the hotel, where guests got ready to view the ceremony on the top deck of the boat.  The beautiful views of the Manhattan skyline were the perfect backdrop for Jen and Scott’s vows- what a unique location.  Once the ceremony was finished and all of the ‘I do’s’ were exchanged, the boat launched into the Hudson River for a festive night of celebrating Jen and Scott!  Because of the quick turnaround time between ceremony and reception, we planned a post-wedding shoot for some intimate portraits of the newlyweds.  You wouldn’t expect this location for a wedding shoot, so stay tuned for the next post. :)

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